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Common Questions

Our team is here to answer any questions you might have.
In the age of super fakes, can somebody modify a video and sign on my behalf?
Never. We only rely on live video being recorded. You cannot upload a video and create a legitt. We are very secure and take precautions and other security measures that ensure that all legitt are unique and we can prove it when necessary.
The screen is stuck at 3 when I start recording? I am not able to sign as it is stuck.
If this happens and you do not see an error message. It is because you have disabled access to your camera and microphone. First, we applaud you for being cautious. Go to your browser settings and change access to ‘ask ‘, so that any time a website wants to access, you are asked. This incidentally is the best setting security-wise.
Can I use the legitt signature in place of DocuSign?
You can use the signature and affix it to a document. You can copy and paste this on a word or pdf document. We suggest using a private link for this. It is more easily verifiable than a DocuSign or any other electronic signature.
Can multiple people sign on to the same link? Can new signers see the ones who have signed before them?
Yes, multiple people can sign on to the same link if you choose that. If you want signers to see others who have signed before them, please choose the ‘other’ option on the second page while creating the link. Select fundraising or event management as an option. This will display the legitt of anyone who has already signed to the new signer.
How do I keep a signature for my records?
You can take a screenshot of the legitt. It is a scannable record that allows you to watch it later. You can also join for free and legitt keeps track of your signing history.
The video is no longer available.
On free accounts, we do not store the video for longer than 1 month. Please upgrade the account to a paid account and we will store the videos for more than 25 years.