Improving the user experience of digital document signing - A Legitt UX Case Study

March 10, 2023

Overview is a digital platform that allows users to sign documents with a video signature instead of a traditional electronic signature. The platform was designed to address pain points that users were experiencing with electronic document signing, including a lack of trust in the authenticity of e-signatures, difficulty verifying the identity of the signer, and a lack of a personal touch or connection to the signing process.


Electronic signatures have been around for some time now, but they have not fully replaced handwritten signatures due to certain limitations. Electronic signatures are often impersonal and lack the personal touch that comes with a handwritten signature. Additionally, electronic signatures can be easily forged, and there are certain legal documents that require a handwritten signature, making electronic signatures unusable in those cases.

The process of creating an electronic signature can also be cumbersome and confusing for some users. Users must upload a document, create a signature, and then download and save the signed document. This process can be frustrating for users, especially those who are not tech-savvy.

In addition, there is a growing concern about the security and authenticity of electronic signatures. It is difficult to verify the identity of the signer, and there is a risk that the signature may be fraudulent or tampered with.

These limitations have led to a need for a more personal and interactive approach to signatures. This is where video signatures come in. Video signatures provide a more personal touch by allowing users to create a verbal contract on video. This creates a stronger connection between the parties involved and provides a more secure way to authenticate the signature.


The solution to the pain points faced by users of electronic document signing platforms was the creation of, a digital platform that allows users to sign documents with a video agreement process.

To use the platform, users simply need to upload the document they want to sign and select the option to create a video agreement. They are then prompted to record a video of themselves stating that they have read and understand the document. Once the video is recorded, it is automatically attached to the document and the user is able to review and confirm the verification.

The video agreement feature was designed to provide a more secure and trustworthy way for users to sign documents electronically. By recording a video of themselves stating that they have read and understand the document, users are able to visually authenticate their identity and provide a personal touch to the process. This helped to build trust and confidence in the platform, and made the process of signing documents electronically more enjoyable and satisfying for users.

In addition to the video verification feature, also included a number of other design elements to improve the user experience. These included a clean and modern interface, clear calls to action, and intuitive controls. Visual cues and feedback were also incorporated throughout the process to help guide users and provide confirmation of their actions.

Overall, the solution implemented on was highly effective in addressing the pain points faced by users of electronic document signing platforms, and significantly improved the user experience of the platform.


The successful implementation of the video verification feature on led to several positive outcomes for the platform and its users.

First and foremost, the video verification feature helps increase user satisfaction and trust in the platform. By providing a more secure and personal way to sign documents electronically, users are able to feel more confident in the authenticity of their signatures and the overall integrity of the process. This resulted in higher levels of engagement with the platform and a willingness to use it for a wider range of document types.

In addition to improving user satisfaction, the video verification feature also helps increase the adoption and usage of As more people become aware of the platform and the benefits it offers, more individuals and businesses began using it to sign documents electronically.

Finally, the positive outcomes of the video agreement feature on is not limited to the platform itself. By providing a more secure and trustworthy way to sign documents electronically, the platform also helps improve the overall process of signing documents for its users. This makes it easier for individuals and businesses to complete important tasks and transactions, and helped to streamline their workflows and reduce the time and effort required for document signing.

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