HelloSign vs Legitt

Electronic Signatures and Verification

Digital E-Signatures
HelloSign offers a secure platform for electronic signatures, supporting Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES) and digital signatures with time-stamped audit trails. It ensures the security and authenticity of the signing process.
Legitt Signatures
Legitt, however, uses video for recognition and verification, providing an additional layer of security and authenticity. By capturing the full context of the signing process through live video, Legitt offers a more secure and personalized solution.

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Workflow and User Experience

Machine Centricity
HelloSign supports powerful workflows for document signing, providing features like reusable templates and automatic reminders. Its mobile app adds to the convenience and flexibility of the platform.
Human Centricity with Legitt
Legitt adopts a human-centric approach with live video recording, capturing the surrounding context and providing a more personalized and comprehensive record of the signing process. This enhances the user experience and the legal robustness of the signatures.

Convenience and Flexibility

Digital Signatures Workflow
HelloSign offers convenience through its mobile app and integrations, contributing to a smooth and efficient workflow.
Legitt and the Power of Commitments
Legitt's video agreements allow users to set clear terms and expectations in a convenient way. By leveraging video technology, Legitt offers a novel and effective way to get commitments.

Pricing and Setup

Complex Pricing
HelloSign is known for its ease of use and comprehensive features, but the pricing and setup details are not explicitly mentioned in the search results.
No Complicated Setup
Legitt is described as well-priced with no complicated setup, making it a convenient and user-friendly platform. The simplicity of Legitt's setup process and its competitive pricing make it an attractive option.

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Welcome to the 21st century

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"Unlike digital signatures, which can be confusing and time-consuming, video agreements allow you to set clear terms and expectations in a way that's easy and convenient for everyone involved."
Steve Venkat —  Founder,Legitt

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