Comparing DocuSign and traditional signatures to Legitt

Digital E-Signatures
Traditional signatures rely on personal handwriting, Digital signatures rely on personal device ID  for recognition and verification.

Consider the number of signatures and device IDS you can recognize.
Legitt Signatures
Legitt uses video for recognition and verification, instantly authenticating signatories.

Now consider the number of people you can recognize from a video.

No credit card required

Machine vs Human centricity

Machine Centricity
Traditional e-signatures being machine centric , focus on the machine identity and techniques. This allows for a small fraction of bad actors to defraud a large population.

Looking at a signature alone, can you tell the commitment of the signatory?
Human Centricity with Legitt
Legitt adopts a human centric approach with live video recording.

Looking at the Legitt video, can you tell the commitment? We have evolved to recognize other humans and the tiniest of their facial expressions. Legitt harnesses our ability rather than suppress it.

Basic vs power of context

Digital Signatures Without Context
Digital signatures are efficient but often lack context, which can allow for challenges in a court of law such as coercion, lack of understanding etc.
Legitt and the Power of Context
Legitt captures the surrounding context through live video recording, and can be especially useful in critical situations where the circumstances of signing are legally significant.

Limited vs. information-rich

Basic Digital Signatures
Digital signatures, although convenient, often remain at a basic level of functionality.
Information-rich Legitt Signatures
Legitt is a cutting-edge signature that is information-dense, captures all the relevant data.

You can figure out who is signing , where they are located. You can find out if someone is with them. You can read out the salient points of an agreement and much more.

Docusign vs. Legitt

Docusign is expensive and has complicated setups and time consuming.
Legitt is well priced and has no complicated setup and you can attach a document and send a link right away.

No credit card required

Welcome to the 21st century

The fast way to get commitments.

"Unlike digital signatures, which can be confusing and time-consuming, video agreements allow you to set clear terms and expectations in a way that's easy and convenient for everyone involved."
Steve Venkat —  Founder,Legitt

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