Lending money

Lending money to friends or family can be stressful. You want to help them out, but you also want to make sure you'll get your money back. Writing up a legal contract can feel formal and intimidating, and verbal agreements can easily be forgotten or misunderstood.

That's where Legitt comes in. Our video agreement platform makes it easy to create informal, yet binding agreements. Simply transfer funds through Legitt, and the funds are only released to the recipient once they agree to the terms on video

No sign up / no credit card required

Benefits of using Legitt

Less awkwardness
Avoid uncomfortable conversations by using Legitt to handle the terms of the loan.
No need for written contracts
A video agreement is faster, simpler, and just as binding as a written contract.
Clear expectations
Video agreements make it easy to clarify the terms of the loan, including the amount, duration, and repayment schedule.
Secure and convenient
Legitt's platform is safe, user-friendly, and accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.

Legitts solution


Our solution is a 3-in-1 solution ( it captures on video the agreement between two parties.)


It is reliable because we are built on a bed of reliable technology services like AWS cloud, google, and well-known technology companies.


Creating a link with one click and sending it by any communication tool (text, email, WhatsApp, signal, etc.) It is feasible also because of its easy integration with existing technologies. (We are API enabled)
“I was worried I won't get back money from my friend if I help him out by lending him some money. I shared a legitt link and he created a legitt. I had his commitment on video so I got the assurance he will pay back.”
Ane —  Friend

Other uses from our customers

Video Reviews

Get video verified reviews and increase trust with customers.

Informed Consent

Quickly get informed consent from patients without added paperwork.

Informal contracts

Quickly set up an informal contract and protect yourself.

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