Informal contracts

If you are planning to start work for your customer, create a link and ask them to send you a legitt which you can use as a basis for starting work. You can even use the same legitt signature once the legal document is ready to be signed.

If you are planning a conference or a large event, use a legitt link and keep track of the number of people who are signing up. Any event planner knows that having a good idea of the number of attendees is key to a successful event.

No sign up / no credit card required

Benefits with using Legitt

Save time and money
Save time and money by creating and signing legal documents online, without the need for paper-based documentation and in-person signature
Legally Binding
Ensure that all parties are on the same page by using a legally binding video agreement, which provides a clear and concise record of the agreement.
Stay Organized
Stay organized and efficient by accessing and sharing your legal documents easily through Legitt's secure document storage and sharing features.

Legitts solution


Our solution is a 3-in-1 solution ( it captures on video the agreement between two parties.)


It is reliable because we are built on a bed of reliable technology services like AWS cloud, google, and well-known technology companies.


Creating a link with one click and sending it by any communication tool (text, email, WhatsApp, signal, etc.)
“You can use legitt to quickly start a contract and I am assured that I have video proof of the contract.”
Ane —  Freelance Graphic Designer

Other uses from our customers

Video Reviews

Get video verified reviews and increase trust with customers.

Informed Consent

Quickly get informed consent from patients without added paperwork.

Lending money

Lending money to friends or family and a contract feels too formal?

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